Hot Runner Coil Heaters

Hot Runner Coil Heaters

Hot Runner Coil Heaters are a development idea of thermal engineering which has a development like high watt density cartridge heaters. This Hot Runner Coil Heater is also called high execution tubular heaters or cable heaters. The essential development of Hot Runner Heater comprise of compacted Mgo, high temperature safety wire and Chrome Nickel Steel tube. These coil heaters be developed with or without inherent thermocouples. They are generally introduced where space accessible for warming is restricted. These Heaters can without much of a stretch bear high wattage in standard sizes. They are fabricated utilizing top notch crude material and propelled engineering. At Sunrise Products our limitless modern experience empowers us to offer an extensive variety of unequivocally built Hot Runner Coil Heater to our customers. Our warmers are accessible in standard size with greatest heat transferring characteristic. Furthermore, we additionally offer modified solutions according to need of our customers.

Applications Of Hot Runner Coil Heaters

  • Heat sealing
  • Molds & Dies
  • Nozzle heating
  • Hot runner
  • Nozzle heating
  • Injection moulding
  • Sprue bushing
  • Automotive, medical industry

Features Of Hot Runner Coil Heaters

    • Sheath temperature up to 800oC
    • Higher watt densities
    • Available in cross sections: 3 mm X 3 mm, 3.7 mm X 3.7 mm, 3.3 mm X 3.3 mm, 4.5 mm X 4.5 mm, 3.2 mm X 1.8 mm, 4.2 mm X 2.2 mm, 1.8 mm, 3.3 mm, 3.7 mm
    • Rugged & Durable Construction
    • Resistance to mechanical shocks
    • Watt density: 90 watt per square inch
    • High construction results