Coil Heaters

Coil Heater

Sunrise Products are engaged in the business of assembling and supplying a qualitative reach of Coil Heaters which are offered in diverse styles and sizes. To make these precision composed Electric Coil Heaters, we utilize top notch materials like stainless steel. This is carried out with a specific end goal to make it impervious to different elements like consumption and loss because of extreme warming. We additionally utilize silicon elastic to make these heaters impervious to humidity and Teflon to give them adaptability. Industrial Coil Heatershave a structure like high watt thickness cartridge heaters. These heaters can be built with or without inherent thermocouples. They are typically introduced where space accessible for warming is restricted and are broadly utilized on hot runner spouts, and manifolds, die cast spouts, bundling machines and so forth. We have an extensive manufacturing limit which empowers us to convey coil heaters in mass amounts.

Applications Of Coil Heaters

  • Hot runner nozzles
  • Die cast nozzles
  • Packaging machines
  • Manifolds

Features Of Coil Heaters

      • Various Watt Density options
      • Robust Design
      • Built in Thermocouple
      • Precision fit
      • Highly Non-corrosive
      • Maximum heat transfer
      • Advanced Thermal Engineering